etvia TRACE strategy execution software

‘a unique and purpose built tool to deploy and Operationalise your strategic and business plan’
For those ultimately accountable for an organisation's performance, there is nothing more important than strategy execution

Leaders need a transparent view of execution status for effective control, correction and organisational learning. Yet, if you compare the sophisticated underpinning toolsets of budgeting to those that support business planning it becomes clear very quickly why planning and execution is so hard. Most people when they think of a business plan think of a powerpoint slide pack or word document, so deploying it, keeping it relevant and tracking progress with these basic tools was always going to be tough.

For these reasons that  etviaTRACE was designed and built. We recognised organisations needed a toolset to make business planning easier, faster and more effectively deployed and tracked. etviaTRACE ‘operationalises’ strategy. It automates all the stages of planning – formulation, approval, progress tracking and reporting. It is designed to re-enforce the  the intrinsic human motivators of engagement, clarity, accountability and transparency.

etviaTRACE manages the organisational business plan, breaking strategic goals into medium term objectives with implementation plans to deliver the results. It provides the ability to track, trace and align strategy to deliverables, making clear everyone's accountabilities for execution. The detail of what, when and how individuals and teams are to contribute and the context as to why it is important, is on their desktop. It is a purpose built application(Aus and U.S. patent pending) that is intuitive and deployed securely over the internet as a hosted service.

  • Coordinates delivery on joint objectives between line operations and shared services because Inter-dependencies are specific and agreed before moving into execution
  • Acclerates achievement of results across strategies for growth and cost control initiatives because execution progress is transparent
  • Enables disparate geographic locations to keep in step as everyone to has the same view of the strategy - who is doing what, why and the current state of execution
  • Breaks down silo’s by aligning individuals and teams to organisational objectives
  • Aligns the bduget to the plan so targets and objectives have plans to deliver the results
  • Ensures expense assumptions for execution are clear and accounted for
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