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Janet Hunter, Managing Partner


  • Masters of Business Administration,  Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Sydney, Australia (majoring in strategy, operations and finance)
  • Diploma in Marketing Management, Macquarie Graduate School of Management , Sydney, Australia
  • Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD)
  • Accredited Consultant 
    • Kantor Institute - Dialogix
    • The Leadership Circle
    • Organisational Effectiveness Profiling (O.E.P)

Janet as a founding partner of Etvia wanted to create a consulting practise and software specifically designed to support CEO’s and leaders in their most critical function – formulating their strategy and executing it. She knows from experience what is required of an organisation’s culture and organisational processes and systems to build the discipline of execution into a core organisational and competitive strength. This is her strength. This is how she believed she would make a difference.  It is an area of business she had been drawn to and excelled in.  Through her own experiences when looking for support in this area she realised it was under serviced for quality, systemic solutions that enabled strategy mastery - an integrated solution of consulting support for strategy, leadership and culture with technology that underpinned how strategy was managed from formulation to deployment to execution.

Janet is the architect of Etvia’s the patented strategy management system etviaTRACE.  A cloud deployed system that was co-funded by the Australian government’s innovation programme and referenced by Gartner, the global leader in technology benchmarking, as the first solution to fully meet the long standing corporate need for strategy deployment and execution management system.

In her career prior to Etvia Janet excelled in the challenging hotel, travel and entertainment industries in CEO and Corporate GM/Director roles. The hotel business is known for tight operating margins, and people and service focus. The industry is challenging for its complex, performance based legal agreements between the asset owner and the manager, low product differentiation, seasonal trading patterns, high demands on capital and often very unbalanced supply and demand dynamics. As CEO she was responsible for a turnover of $160m, 32 business units and 2,000+ staff. During this time Janet was also a key member of various project teams for two public floats ($400m), a successful international casino hotel tender, 5 star hotel and entertainment complex design and construction project ($300m), several capital raisings, mergers, acquisitions, management agreement/lease negotiations, the creation of an Australian/NZ franchise network and a national and regional rebranding marketing project. This range of experiences enables Janet to support senior leaders from a position of firsthand knowledge. Understanding of the challenges and pressures leaders face and working with them to connect Etvia’s methodology and tools into real organisational life. Testimony to that is Etvia’s long standing clients and referrals and their reputation for genuine client partnerships and creating sustainable, scalable value.  Etvia’s clients include public, private and government organisations across a wide range of industries including energy, logistics and transport, utilities, banking, manufacturing and services.

Personal philosophies .."Life is not a dress rehearsal"… "Don't take yourself too seriously"… "Generosity is an act of grace"
Business philosophy .."While big ideas are important, unless you translate big thoughts into concrete steps for action, they're pointless." Larry  Bossidy. Ex Honeywell CEO, Business author

Jo Cornick – Partner Consulting Operations

  • Accredited Consultant:
    • The Leadership Circle - Leadership 360 Assessment profiles and development
    • Kantor Institute: Dialogix and Structural Dynamics - Systems based approach  to building communicative competency in individuals, teams and organisations
    • GSI, LSI and DiSC – Leadership Behaviour/ Profiling
    • Organisational Cultural Inventory (OCI) – Culture diagnostic and effectiveness benchmarking
    • Organisational Effectiveness Profiling (OEP)
  • Studied Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Massey University, New Zealand

As a founding partner at etvia, Jo wanted to develop a consulting offering that helped clients translate the development investment in leaders into real and sustained Culture change; with clear and demonstrable cause and effect to performance uplift at all levels (individual, team, organisation) and across all dimensions of performance (financial, people, customer, operations, innovation).

Prior to etvia, Jo was COO of a premier consulting firm specialising in culture change – one of the first specialist Culture and leadership firms that delivered  large scale Culture development programs in Australia, NZ, Asia, Ireland and Britain and often with complex and sensitive agendas (JV's, acquisitions, multi-national channels and cultures etc). Her work in the UK was the entry for the firm’s expansion into Europe and was recognised by an UK industry award for excellence in Leadership program design.  Her experience extended across a range of industries including financial services, retail, construction, manufacturing, energy, ‘not for profits’ and transport and logistics.  Jo’s client facing role was managing program design, delivery and quality. Her internal role included responsibility for the firm’s operational performance which required a major turnaround intervention in order for it to continue to operate in addition to the consulting team’s effectiveness, domestic and international talent recruitment and retention, and cultural alignment. 

Over the years in this field, Jo saw firsthand how this work seemed to initially create change and impetus but her confidence that an exclusive focus on mindset and behaviour change would produce the sustainable uplift in organisational results was being challenged. Change was intermittent and centric to individuals. The expected, all pervasive Cultural shift was not transforming the organisational ‘system’ as it was expected to do.  International and national data measuring Culture was consistently revealing a prevailing and persistent theme:  where there were low levels of exhibited behaviours that directly correlated to performance there were poor practises and disciplines around individual and collective accountability, little attention given to enrolling people in strategy and planning and little or loose mechanisms to reward delivery on the strategy. She also saw most organisations focusing their human capital strategy for reward and recognition on short term, lagging KPI’s rather than on the leading indicators of strategy execution. This was not because it was an unsupported intention but rather because organisations were not set up with practises and tools up to enable it to be done transparently, efficiently and effectively. Strategy and planning was not translating into an integrated, tracked and traced mission for the broader leadership community. She began to believe more and more that driving transformation through individual mindsets and behaviours HAD to be integrated more directly with processes and systems that enabled organisational performance – its strategy, its plan and its performance metrics.

Jo’s role in etvia is to steward and integrate the leadership and Culture dimensions of the etvia solution into an etvia strategy project with the objective being to give the team a lived experience of the Culture they aspire to have. This is achieved by building awareness of individual and collective patterns of behaviour and building capability to show up and lead or follow differently. Jo’s role with clients is then to reinforce these shifts in mindsets and behaviours by working with the leaders to establish new supporting processes and disciplines for strategy leadership and strategy management. Designed to sustain engagement and accountability, to support leadership in the absence of structural authority and build self regulating, high performing teams.

Jo’s commercial experience for delivering internal culture change and achieving business results means she understands firsthand the challenges leaders face in building the capability to execute strategy and achieve results in a sustainable manner whilst paddling madly to stay afloat!  Her ability to listen and build relationships has enabled her to partner with leaders over many years. She helps leaders connect their challenges and pressures to the etvia methodology and toolset real-time to achieve sustainable performance uplifts and to also enjoy the sense of achievement and personal change possible as a legacy that remains with people, supporting them in all aspects of their lives.

Her philosophies - “Mean what you say and say what you mean”..."Prayer without action is the same thing as no prayer at all" (from the one and only Mother Theresa!)

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