etviaTRACE strategy execution system

‘A unique and purpose built tool to deploy and operationalise your strategic and business plan’
For those ultimately accountable for an organisation's performance, there is nothing more important than strategy execution.

Through our strategy management systems etviaTRACE and OBPetivaTRACE we enable the best of a distributed leadership and delivery network for all elements of your strategy and business planning as well as deliver a single reference point for control and oversight.  All elements of the Strategy and Programs are brought together into a transparent picture of the whole for tracking, monitoring, governance, reporting, prioritisation and decision making.  It automates tailored strategy KPIs for the leadership and delivery of your strategy - the detail of what, when and how individuals and teams are to contribute, with the context as to why it is important, 'real time' at their fingers tips.

etviaTRACE ‘operationalises’ strategy and enables accountability in your leadership cohort like no other tool. It automates all the stages of planning – formulation, approval, progress tracking and reporting - and is designed to re-enforce the  the intrinsic human motivators of engagement, clarity, accountability and transparency. It ensures a single, integrated reference point which underpins execution tracking, financial and non-financial measures, holds together the transparent network of the leadership and delivery accountabilities including relevant measures at each level of work.  It enables leaders and teams to structure, cascade, prioritise and deploy their work easily, efficiently and consistently.

  • Coordinates delivery on joint objectives between line operations and shared services because Inter-dependencies are specific and agreed before moving into execution
  • Acclerates achievement of results across strategies for growth and cost control initiatives because execution progress is transparent
  • Enables disparate geographic locations to keep in step as everyone to has the same view of the strategy - who is doing what, why and the current state of execution
  • Breaks down silo’s by aligning individuals and teams to organisational objectives
  • Aligns the bduget to the plan so targets and objectives have plans to deliver the results
  • Ensures expense assumptions for execution are clear and accounted for
  • Automates diagnostic, dashboards, and reporting
  • The Strategy KPI module supports best practise in leadership and execution performance for individuals and teams (both structural and strategy/agile teams) - customised KPIs are agreed,  in place, automated and visible
  • Accelerates performance through an in-built analytics module which provides data-informed cultural, leadership and engagement insights (for performance recognition, problem solving and support

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