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A high performing organisation is built on good leaders with a good plan. We help Leaders and their teams take their strategy into execution

Etvia support the most important task of any organisation - the conception and execution of their plan. We have developed software tools, methodologies and people development programs explicitly focused on this discipline.

From our work, our clients achieve three outcomes:

  • A rigourous and casaded business plan: An integrated plan built on a realistic view of the current state and compelling and pragmatic view of the future state with a detailed roadmap connecting the two.
  • Execution management capability: A web based software tool (etviaTRACE) which supports and enables the planning process through its lifecycle from formulation to execution management and reporting.
  • Leaders capable and supported to deliver: Leaders exit the proces with a clear plan ready to engage the broader team. They have a new understanding and have practised the mindsets, leadership skills and organisational disciplines required for execution excellence.
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"Of failed CEO's most fail due to faulty execution rather than flawed strategy", Fortune 500 Magazine

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