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The etvia consulting model works  concurrently on two streams  -  plan development and the team and leadership role take-up requirements, across four primary phases.
At each phase the planning facilitation and the leadership and team development are paced and tailored to meet the specific requirements that each of the four stages demand for a successful planning process and that lay the foundations for performance  .

Research and analysis, baselining the facts

It is imperative the Leadership team have the critical conversations about where the organisation needs to go, what the real starting point is, what the key opportunities and risks are, and importantly an objective view of the team's capability to deliver. The first step therefore is to baseline the facts, performance gaps, targets and organisational KPI’s. 

Strategy, getting the big picture clear

The strategic goals are a time bound definition of  what success needs to look like for key stakeholders, integrated and reflecting a balanced  view of what needs to be achieved and how it will be measured . Once the strategic goals are set the focus sharpens by breaking these down to  the Business Plan Objectives for the next year, which should reflect the targets assumed in the budget for the financial year and other specific outcomes the organisation needs to achieve.

Implementation Planning, "deploying and operationalising" the Plan

Against these clear goal posts for the year, it is appropriate to engage the broader team to build the detailed plans to close the gap between the current state and the business plan objectives. Who has to do what by when, with what resources is clearly identified, and before moving to execution priorities, resourcing, capacity and financial constraints are checked and do-ability decisions are made.

Execution, follow through, follow up and adjust

Embedding the business plan in the organisation requires formalised processes and forums to review and monitor execution and periodically refresh or recast the strategy. This means Leaders integrating the monitoring of the business plan and customized strategy KPIs into meetings, performance management and development processes, and utilising the data and reports from etviaTRACE.

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"Of failed CEO's most fail due to faulty execution rather than flawed strategy", Fortune 500 Magazine

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